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25 Man Garrosh kill Monday at 11:30 pm. Hop on your mains and let's send MoP out with a bang!
We opened all the Spoils boxes and took all the loot. 10/14H!
8/14H. Sorry for crushing you, Nazgrim. #notsorry
Sigh... I miss playing with you guys :c
Juggernaut Down! Disturbia now 6/14H!
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Medivh (PvE)
Welcome to the Disturbia Guild web site. We are a casual raiding guild on World of Warcraft and welcome all adult players over 21 who enjoy socializing and playing with others in a casual, laid back, and non-drama atmosphere.

Please contact one of our officers or use the Guild Finder in WoW if you are interested in joining.
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Guild Halloween Transmog Screenshot Contest 10 /28/14--10/31/14 . Winner announced 11/01/14

mizbehaving, Oct 16, 14 2:46 AM.
MUST post in the gallery under Halloween Screenshot, thanks!

Guild Normal (flex Run Friday 10/17/14

mizbehaving, Oct 16, 14 2:37 AM.

Guild hosting 25 man Garrosh Kill for those that need it

mizbehaving, Oct 11, 14 4:04 PM.
Guild hosting a 25 man Garrosh kill for those that need achievement. Must be geared , gemmed, enchanted properly and of correct IL. We are asking as many mains as possible to help us in getting the kill for those that did not have the opportunity this expansion. Mon 11:30 pm server.

IT'S OFFICIAL! The Iron Horde (patch 6.0.2) are coming this Tuesday!

beelgers, Oct 9, 14 3:58 PM.
This is the "pre-patch". There will be no Draenor content, and there will be no level cap increase. All new class changes, new dungeon, pre-launch events, etc. WILL happen.
Let's rock some UBRS Tuesday!

6.0.2 Pre-launch events and changes

beelgers, Oct 9, 14 11:14 AM.
Since this is only a couple days away (probably) now. Time to get caught up on what's changing!
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