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Medivh (PvE)
Welcome to the Disturbia Guild web site. We are a casual raiding guild on World of Warcraft and welcome all adult players over 21 who enjoy socializing and playing with others in a casual, laid back, and non-drama atmosphere.

Please contact one of our officers or use the Guild Finder in WoW if you are interested in joining.
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Happy Birthday Arctic!

mizbehaving, Apr 22, 14 11:15 PM.

Guild Give Away Contest 04/27/14 at 6:00 pm server time.

mizbehaving, Apr 21, 14 7:13 PM.

Looking For A Raid Team

mizbehaving, Apr 17, 14 5:15 PM.
Looking for a raid team and feel like you've been overlooked or not sure who to talk to about it? Here are some steps to getting started raiding in Disturbia:

1) You MUST fill out a raider application. Instructions are in the "Raid Member Information" forum.
2) Join some of our flex runs or our Sunday 10N run. We need logs to know what groups would be a good fit for you.
3) Check your gear and professions. You must be fully gemmed and enchanted for consideration.
4) Addons: All groups require at a minimum DBM and GTFO. Ventrilo is also required.
5) Sign Up and Show Up! If you accept an invite to an event, you need to show up or change your status to "declined" in a timely manner. We don't maintain deep rosters, so no-shows result in no invites. Also, please sign up early.

Of course to contribute to a normal mode team, you must perform somewhat competitively and have gear appropriate for the content. We have lots of people who are very good at their class and role. If you would like a little direction to help you improve, let me know and I'll point you toward someone who can help.

If you think you have done all this and still you are not receiving invites, there could be a reason for it but please just ask. Sometimes things just fall through the cracks. Send an in-game mail to Tarayn and I will make sure I notify the appropriate raid leader or officer. I log in with Tarayn every day, so you should expect an immediate response. Try and log out in your main spec PvE gear if possible to save time as I'll probably do a quick check to see if there is an obvious issue. Don't ask your neighbor, don't ask in Trade, don't ask on mmo-champ - ask Tarayn! I'll make sure you're in contact with the right person.

Happy Birthday Tapion. We love you!

mizbehaving, Apr 10, 14 7:03 PM.

Gratz Disturbia 3/14 Heroic SoO!!

mizbehaving, Apr 2, 14 10:04 AM.
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